Taking Myself Seriously as a Writer

For all of us who still have a “day job,” it is often difficult to take oneself seriously as a writer. As much as we might say, “I am a writer,” it is easy to shunt the writing tasks off to the end of the day, after work, household tasks, family, shopping and even exercise.Continue reading “Taking Myself Seriously as a Writer”

Have you thanked an author today?

Some people read a few books a year, some about one a month, and some, like me, devour books like they are daily nourishment, which they often are.If you are a writer, you know the time, effort and sacrifice it takes to get the book in front of the reader, just like the effort ofContinue reading “Have you thanked an author today?”

Starting Over Again on a Snow Day

I am constantly starting over, regrouping, reorganizing and trying to simplify. This applies to to writing as well as my life in general. This morning I drove to my substitute teaching job, only to be told that the district had decided to close the school for students, meaning no work for substitute teachers.I returned homeContinue reading “Starting Over Again on a Snow Day”