The Truth in Stories

Stories are important. That’s why there is truth in fiction. When you think of a story that has touched you, that’s the truth in it, but it may not be factual. Family stories aren’t always factual, because we always remember things differently, especially from our childhoods. But the truths we learn from them last aContinue reading “The Truth in Stories”

We All Need Sparkle

Came across this poem that I wrote in May, 2020, near the beginning of the pandemic. I need a manicure. I need a pedicure. My hair’s not too bad. I trimmed some ends and pushed the sides behind my ears. My shoulders are sore from leaning over the computer. My quarantine world is getting smallerContinue reading “We All Need Sparkle”

I Live in a Tree House

(Written April 2020) I live in a tree house. As the trees turn green in the spring, my forest closes in around me. Wraps me in branches filled with life. I plant flowers on the deck and the blood red of the begonias reminds me that life can be violent. Squirrels race across the deckContinue reading “I Live in a Tree House”

Not Just a Book Review

There are many reasons to choose a novel to read. It may be for purely entertainment, to immerse oneself in an historical time period or a journey into the future. I choose books for all of those reasons and more. I have been thinking recently about how novels can inform about issues of the day,Continue reading “Not Just a Book Review”

Can You Go Home Again?

Came across these photos and a poem I wrote after my visit back to my home town in Illinois in 2011. A bittersweet journey. A barn built to last one hundred years. Rusty now. But the only farm building left standing. Everything else is corn fields. Hay bales still crowd the loft, a place aContinue reading “Can You Go Home Again?”


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