In this fourth book in Kathleen Heady’s series featuring Nara Blake, the story takes us to a small Spanish town in the Pyrenees, where Nara and her now husband Alex Collier travel to retrieve several notebooks that belonged to a British artist who died there during the Spanish Civil War. Nara and Alex have plans to meet the parish priest, who has possession of the notebooks, in the church during siesta. When they arrive at the church, they find that he has been killed by a vicious blow to the head. They soon learn there is a history of crime in the town going back many decades. But as they are caught up in the criminal investigation, they also learn of the strong ties of family and friendship that exist, even extending to Nara’s own family. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This book is awesome”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Book Club Questions

  1. What are Nara’s and Alex’s impressions of Padre Enrique and Maria Laura after they have tea at the rectory? How do they feel about their mission in Tardienta? Do they have any misgivings?
  2. What do we learn about Nara and Alex, and their relationship, when they discover the body of Padre Enrique, and then go to the police?
  3. What kind of a man, and police officer, is Gomez?
  4. Jorge plays a prominent role in the story, although he is not directly involved in the action. What are your feelings about Jorge and the person he is?
  5. Describe Honoria’s relationship with Jorge? With her son? With Lionel?
  6. Do you think the smuggling operation will continue in Tardienta? Is so, how will it change?
  7. The death of Nara’s father is a small but crucial part of the story. How does this event affect what Nara does?
  8. Many of the characters, particularly women, make sacrifices in this novel. What sacrifices impressed you the most? They don’t have to be something major.
  9. And a final bonus question – choose a character and predict what he or she will do in the succeeding months or years?

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