The Gate House

The old gate house where Nara Blake and her father lived in the English Midlands was cold and filled with secrets. Although Nara’s aunt insisted the building held nothing more than useless trinkets and cheap copies of nineteenth century artwork, someone had attempted to break in, until Nara caught them in the act. As the net of British law began to close in on the art thieves, Nara found herself and her family caught in the net. And the new man to whom she has opened her heart, is helping the police to close in on them.


In this fourth book in Kathleen Heady’s series featuring Nara Blake, the story takes us to a small Spanish town in the Pyrenees, where Nara and her now husband Alex Collier travel to retrieve several notebooks that belonged to a British artist who died there during the Spanish Civil War. Nara and Alex have plans to meet the parish priest, who has possession of the notebooks, in the church during siesta. When they arrive at the church, they find that he has been killed by a vicious blow to the head. They soon learn there is a history of crime in the town going back many decades. But as they are caught up in the criminal investigation, they also learn of the strong ties of family and friendship that exist, even extending to Nara’s own family.

Hotel Saint Clare

A Caribbean island paradise, a place filled with happy carefree people whose only concern is the pleasure of the tourists, but appearances are superficial. Lust, greed, envy, jealousy, murder… all can be found within the Hotel Saint Clare and Nara Blake: young, beautiful, and inexperienced, meets them all when she takes on the job of hostess at the hotel. Fortunately, Nara finds help and support, as well as the promise of romance as she adjusts to her new life.  

Lydia’s Story

A simple box of mementos, hidden in a farmhouse in Wales for nearly seventy years, is enough to set Nara Blake on a search for the truth about her great-grandparents, and to put her own life in danger. As she begins to learn the truth, two members of a family who lost everything in World War II blame Nara and her family for their lost wealth, which includes a priceless Cézanne painting. The two families are put on a collision course that can only end in the destruction of long-held beliefs, and ultimately one must pay the price for the losses of the past.

Jewels in Time

Brianna knows she is magic. But she has no idea of the extent of her power, and that the test of her strength will lead her to the English Crown Jewels, stolen from King John by the magic folk. She leaves her village under suspicion of witchcraft, only to be accused again by a servant in the household of the king when she rejects his advances. Brianna finds refuge with Rowena, a powerful witch who teaches Brianna to travel the magic path. 

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