21 July 2022

Came across this poem that I wrote in May, 2020, near the beginning of the pandemic.

We All Need Sparkle

I need a manicure. I need a pedicure. My hair’s not too bad. I trimmed some ends and pushed the sides behind my ears. My shoulders are sore from leaning over the computer. My quarantine world is getting smaller and smaller. I shop online. Groceries arrive. Books arrive. Same. I wish I could order a museum, and have it delivered to my door. Or maybe Van Gogh and Dali could walk in my door. What a talk we would have! And the next day I’ll invite Mozart. He will play something bright for me. I want to see something sparkle today. I need sparkle.

19 July 2022

I Live in a Tree House

I live in a tree house. As the trees turn green in the spring, my forest closes in around me. Wraps me in branches filled with life. I plant flowers on the deck and the blood red of the begonias reminds me that life can be violent. Squirrels race across the deck to the trees on their rodent superhighway. The first hummingbird of the season arrived today. It drinks from the feeder, also red. Red is a color of nature, blood, flowers, a cardinal looking for sunflower seeds. I live in a tree house. Full of sunshine. Full of life.