Jewels in Time

Jewels in Time

Brianna knows she is magic. But she has no idea of the extent of her power, and that the test of her strength will lead her to the English Crown Jewels, stolen from King John by the magic folk. She leaves her village under suspicion of witchcraft, only to be accused again by a servant in the household of the king when she rejects his advances. Brianna finds refuge with Rowena, a powerful witch who teaches Brianna to travel the magic path. 

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About Jewels in Time

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A Delightful Romp”

Hop scotching between centuries, Jewels in Time is a delightful romp. At thirteen, Brianna is trying to find her place in a medieval world full of dangers both magical and physical. Without parents, she must forge her own way as a possible witch and with the aid of a very knowing pet cat – or might Orangino actually be her familiar? Brianna sets out on a journey whose steps she can never retrace. Jewels In Time is a coming of age yarn that will delight both young adults and readers of other ages.

James Tichenor
Tokens Magazine

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I want more.”

Jewels in Time is so good. It’s a page turner with surprising twists. There is a new mystery around every corner.
Brianna’s life is turned around when she has to leave her village after she is accused of being a witch. Orangino is a playful, funny, magical cat, who is also a wimp. Marged, Brianna’s mother, is confused and doesn’t tell all she knows.
Although I am a twelve year old boy, I enjoyed a story with a girl as the main character.

Tomas Sochin

Jewels in Time

Book Club Questions

  1. Brianna discovers early in the story that she has to leave the village. How comfortable is she with this idea? Who supports her decision and how does she decide to trust them?
  2. What is the role of the magic realm, and how does it affect Brianna?
  3. Brianna is initially afraid of Sir Michael, how do her feelings about him change?
  4. The English Crown Jewels really did disappear in the Wash shortly before the death of King John and they have never been found. This is an historical fact. If they weren’t taken by magic, what do you think could have happened to them?
  5. Brianna has several strong female role model, her mother Marged, her aunt Andera, and the witch Rowena. What kind of influence does each exert on her?
  6. The folk in the magic realm are able to move forward and backward in time, sometimes for their protection and sometimes to complete a specific task. How does this ability affect the story?
  7. What does Brianna learn in the village where the accused witch is burned?
  8. At the end of the book, Brianna has reached the end of her journey, but also seems to be about to begin another journey? Where do you think Brianna’s journey will take her next?

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