Review of The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

I am so overwhelmed by this book! Written for a YA audience, it sends a message of tolerance and understanding of the diverse people inhabiting Earthia. Elloran enters the university and is thrown into contact with the other races that inhabit their world, and whom she has been taught to hate, as they have been taught to hate her, a member of the dominate race, the Gardnerians.

As she is forced to interact with students of other races, whom she has only heard about, she begins to question what she has been taught. She is constantly on her guard, as she has powerful enemies. Her grandmother was the powerful Black Witch. Elloran has no magical powers and relies on her capabilities of intelligence and understanding to begin to break down barriers. Her efforts allow her to make new friends, but her actions also create enemies and place her and her friends in dangerous situations.

The message of learning to understanding and appreciate differences is strong in this book, but it doesn’t overpower an exciting story.

I don’t usually read fantasy, but I’m going look for the sequels to The Black Witch. Thank you, Laurie Forest!

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