Countdown to “The Gate House” Release

Are you journaling now? Try this journaling prompt: Write about a time when you feel you were treated unjustly. How did you handle it? My novel The Gate House is coming out — again — in three months. It is wonderful to have it available again, but it puts me in the position of promotingContinue reading “Countdown to “The Gate House” Release”

Journal Writing Tuesday

Who writes letters anymore? A quick email, a text or a phone call is more the way to go these days. There are two things going on in my life right now that have caused me to think about the slower pace of life in years that have passed not so long ago. The firstContinue reading “Journal Writing Tuesday”

Reading Classics

Instead of a traditional book review, I want to write about the book I am reading right now — The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Collins was a good friend of Charles Dickens, and I detect something of Dickens’ style in The Moonstone. Or maybe it is just the dense, complex, descriptive writing that was in vogueContinue reading “Reading Classics”

Friday Book Review – Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark

In Marcia Clark’s first attempt at fiction, she has produced a well-crafted legal mystery set in the Los Angeles district attorney’s office, a setting Ms. Clark knows well. Protagonist Rachel Knight must deal with her assigned cases as a member of the DA’s Special Trials Unit, which handles high profile cases, as well as theContinue reading “Friday Book Review – Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark”

The Overwhelming Challenge of Finding a Satisfying Book to Read

All of us who read know the glorious feeling of being lost in a good book. “Lost” probably isn’t the right word, because although we may be lost to the physical world around us, we are very much present in the world an author has created. But how do you find those books? I findContinue reading “The Overwhelming Challenge of Finding a Satisfying Book to Read”