Journal Writing Tuesday

One of the main purposes of journal writing for me is clarification. This can take several forms.

1. I may make a traditional “to do” list for the day or the week. This helps me to plan what I intend to do that day and prepare myself mentally. I may prioritize or decide what tasks will be better accomplished at what time of day. And I often include things that I enjoy in my list such as knitting or playing the piano. If I write them down, they are more likely to happen.

2. I may journal about goals. They may be small, easily attainable goals such as “send editing prices to a new client” or large, more general goals like “move to North Carolina” or “find an agent for new book.” Again — just the act of writing down the goal can make it more real to me, and it spurs me to think about what actions I can take to bring my goals into reality.

3. Sometimes I use clarification to discover where I am right now. What are the realities I am dealing with that I might want to change. Am I stuck in a rut? What am I accomplishing at the moment?

In your journal writing today, try writing using one of these points of clarification. Where are you now? What do you want to change? What are you doing today to move yourself, little by little, to where you want to do?



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