Can You Go Home Again?

I am planning a trip this summer to the small town in southern Illinois where I grew up. I didn’t even live in the town; I lived on a farm seven miles outside of the county seat, a town of 3,000 people, not close to anything.
Most of my friends from childhood still live in the county where we grew up, or at most have moved within a radius of fifty miles. My family not only moved away, we scattered to the winds. We have moved about as farm from the rural Midwest as is possible, both physically and emotionally.
Now we are going back. We are going to stay with a friend and former classmate of mine who I recently “found” again after many years.
Somehow our past will touch the present,and in a sense we will come full circle.
We have all grown up, but I think the connection we had as children will still be there.
Have any of you ever had an experience like this? CAN you go home again?

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