Have you thanked an author today?

Some people read a few books a year, some about one a month, and some, like me,

devour books like they are daily nourishment, which they often are.
If you are a writer, you know the time, effort and sacrifice it takes to get the book in front of the reader, just like the effort of putting a good dinner on the table.
And just like you thank the cook, or compliment the chef, how about thanking the author? This is especially true of less well-known authors. I can tell you it is pure delight to receive an email showing appreciation of my writing. I feel like sitting down at my computer and getting right back to creating more enjoyment for my readers.
I am developing the habit of sending a note to authors whose books I enjoy. It is easy to find an e-mail address on the author’s web site. And I have received some lovely notes back in reply.
So thank an author; you will make someone’s day!

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