Thanks for Great Review of Hotel Saint Clare in Suspense Magazine

Hotel Saint Clare by Kathleen Heady A young woman rises from the sea and steps out of the waves with seaweed twined in her long hair. Although it sounds like the resurrection of a goddess, it is actually the opening scene for a mysterious tale. Two young boys collecting shells on the seashore tell theContinue reading “Thanks for Great Review of Hotel Saint Clare in Suspense Magazine”

Have you read this one? Killer Ambition by Marcia Clark

     Besides writing my own books, I read constantly, both because I have had a life-long love affair with books, and because I like to see what other writers are saying. I review books for Suspense Magazine, which gives me an opportunity to dip into titles that I might not have picked up otherwise. InContinue reading “Have you read this one? Killer Ambition by Marcia Clark”

Reading Outside the Box

I read mostly mysteries and suspense novels, because that is what I write and because I review books for Suspense Magazine. But occasionally I read something outside of those genres. I find that a different type of book and writing style can spark my own writing and stretch my creativity. Last night I downloaded TheContinue reading “Reading Outside the Box”

Life Gets in the Way

My week suddenly became very busy and blogging time cut down to zero. I am posting a review of The Lost Ones by Ace Atkins that I wrote for Suspense Magazine. I am always happy to celebrate another author’s writing. The principal characters in The Lost Ones are soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan toContinue reading “Life Gets in the Way”

Book Review and Other Thoughts

Now that both my parents have passed away, I find myself increasingly interested in the World War II era. And now that The Gate House is scheduled for re-release in May, I am almost ready to submit the sequel to The Gate House, which has a working title of Lydia’s Story. Lydia is the great-grandmother of Nara, theContinue reading “Book Review and Other Thoughts”