One Task at a Time vs. Multi-Tasking

I have read a number of articles that say the multi-tasking that most of us do nowadays, whether we are writers or not, is really counterproductive. We may think we are balancing a number of task at once, but we really aren’t. What we are really doing is hopping quickly from one task to another,Continue reading “One Task at a Time vs. Multi-Tasking”

Tips to Make Characters Come Alive

Try these techniques to bring life to your characters, and find out who they really are. 1. Make a list of adjectives that describe your character. Use a thesaurus for words you may not think of off the top of your head. 2. Spend two hours “being” your character. Do whatever you are doing normally,Continue reading “Tips to Make Characters Come Alive”

Taking Myself Seriously as a Writer

For all of us who still have a “day job,” it is often difficult to take oneself seriously as a writer. As much as we might say, “I am a writer,” it is easy to shunt the writing tasks off to the end of the day, after work, household tasks, family, shopping and even exercise.Continue reading “Taking Myself Seriously as a Writer”