Believe in Your Work

I was delighted to find out that my latest book, Lydia’s Story, is one of the top two sellers at my publisher, Sage Words Publishing. This is a small publisher and hardly puts me on the New York Times bestseller lists, but it still tells me that people out there are reading my book, and I hope are enjoying it.

As well as a boost to my ego and a confirmation of my storytelling and writing ability, I also feel an increase in confidence and belief in my work.

Throughout the writing process, from rough draft and idea stage all the way to post-publication promotion, I have to believe in my work. I have to believe that my story of Lydia, the British mother who became a spy, is worth reading, and was worth my time in writing it.

A big reason for giving up, whether as a writer or any other endeavor, is lack of belief in oneself and what one is trying to do. Would-be writers have unfinished stories lying around. Would-be photographers have boxes (or computer files) ofDSCN3216 photos that never see the light of day. People take foreign language courses and then give up when it becomes difficult.

Do you see yourself in France, conversing in French? Do you see your book, poem, or article published? Are your photographs framed and hanging for sale in a local coffee shop? You don’t have to be a star, or make a lot of money, to believe in and appreciate your own talent. You just need to stand tall and have confidence.


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  1. First, congratulations! Second, you are absolutely right. I have my bad days, but for the most part it is my belief in myself that moves me forward. The revolution in publishing and writing is bringing lots of folks out of the writing closet, but it will be those writers who persevere through a strong belief in themselves that will ultimately be left standing tall. Thanks for the reminder.

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