Do You Want to Hear about My WIP?

Sometimes people ask me, “What are you working on now? Can you talk about it?”

It is always a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, I like talking about writing. And it does help sometimes to bounce ideas off someone else. But on the other hand, it’s kind of like talking about the baby early in a pregnancy. It’s too soon. There are too many unknowns. And both pregnancies and writing are very personal, especially in the beginning stages.

One advantage I have found to talking about my work in progress, otherwise known as WIP, is that it motivates me to keep working. If I tell you that I am working on a young adult novel set in thirteenth century England, and that it has magical elements in it, you have a perfect right to ask me next month, “Hey! How’s that YA novel going?” I need to at least be able to say, “It’s coming along.” Of course I can say that even if it’s not, but I would feel terribly guilty.

My advice to myself and other writers is: Don’t say too much. And don’t bring the subject up, unless you are in a critique group and really looking for suggestions and help. And just like that baby, remember that it is personal. You don’t have to talk about until you are ready. But when the writing, like the baby, is ready to make its debut in the world, shout it from the rooftops!


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One thought on “Do You Want to Hear about My WIP?

  1. Good advice. Once you talk about a WIP with non writers, the next question is: Is it done? Is it published? Most folks don’t understand that writing a book is only a slice of the pie when it comes to publishing. I need to heed your advice more often. Thanks!

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