My Dream Headlines

14 Aug

Just for fun, and to give my creativity a little boost, I decided to create some “dream” headlines. I dislike reading the newspaper or watching TV news because almost every story is bad news or a negative take on an event or some new study.

Here are a few of the headlines I would like to see:

Presidential candidates agree to limit their campaign budgets to $1,000,000 each and use any additional donations to pay off student loans.

Auto companies to sell solar powered cars; price within reach for most of us.

Citizens in small Pennsylvania town spontaneously begin to pick up litter; practice spreading throughout the country.

Run on library! Children flock for more reading, allowing teachers to give less homework.

Militants in  — Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran (pick one or all of them) — agree that killing is not the best way to solve problems and lay down their arms to talk honestly to each other.

OK. I am a bit of a dreamer, but it was a fun exercise. And I do feel more optimistic just have written my headlines.

Try it! You might come up with an idea for a story or a project, but I guarantee you will feel better.

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