Walking and Writing

18 Apr

East Coast Pink Dogwood

With the early arrival of spring on the east coast of North America, I am thrilled to be out once again for my daily walks. But I have to confess that I don’t do earphones. All right, I carried my smart phone with me to use the camera, but I resisted pulling it out to check Twitter or Facebook while I walked. Yes, I have done that.

As a writer, it is important for me to allow my mind to relax to make room for creative ideas. I have never felt comfortable with earphones in my ears, not even on long plane trips. I may have deformed ears, but they just aren’t comfortable. I’ve tried listening to audio books and podcasts while I walk, but I end up fiddling around with my phone and do not come back with my mind refreshed. So I walk the old-fashioned way, with my eyes and ears open to the world around me, and allow the ideas and thoughts to bounce around in my head unimpeded by music or talk. Some of the ideas are even worthwhile.

How do you clear your mind to write? Or if you are not a writer, how do you unplug and relax?

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