Being an Editor

27 Feb

Besides writing, I do a fair amount of editing and have found that I enjoy it almost as much as I do writing.

There is something about clarifying a piece of writing, while still retaining the writer’s voice and intent, that is enormously satisfying. I know from experience that a writer can read over a piece a hundred times, and still miss small errors. Even though as writers we know what we are saying, it takes a pair of new eyes to bring the piece into the beauty of the language. And a well-constructed sentence or paragraph is a thing of beauty.

I am a former English teacher, and have read through more student papers than I can count! At least now as an editor, the writers I work with are usually eager to see their writing at its best, and are not just looking for a good grade.

I have also taught many students whose first language was not English, and this is a great help with my editing. Two of my current clients are non-native English speakers. The first language of one is Farsi and the other Icelandic. I feel somewhat like a teacher as I read what they have written, and clarify the pieces into standard English.

If anyone is interested in having me edit your work, please contact me. My prices are reasonable!

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