Book Club Questions

Hotel Saint Clare

  1. How would you describe Nara’s relationship with her father?
  2. How did Todd Hamilton and Mr. Dunn both represent the culture of the island?
  3. How does Nara balance her two worlds, that of a native woman and a white woman?
  4. How does Davis reflect both worlds?
  5. Why does Nara agree to help Crystal have her trust fund changed?
  6. What did Mr. Dunn reveal to Nara about her mother?

The Gate House

  1. How does Nara’s past come back to haunt her in The Gate House?
  2. How does Nara feel when Davis shows up in Springfield?
  3. How can the buildings, the Gate House and Lincoln Cathedral, be considered characters in the story?
  4. How does Nara grow, and grow up, throughout the book?
  5. Compare Alex and Davis, Nara’s current and former loves. Did Davis change? How has Nara changed since she was with him on Saint Clare?
  6. Describe Nara’s friend Micki. How do they support each other in their friendship?
  7. How do you think Nara’s life will change after the end of the events in the book?

Lydia’s Story

Lydia’s StoryLydWhy do Nara and her father travel to Wales?

Why are Paul and Lisette in London? What is their relationship?

What was Lydia’s original job with the French Resistance?

What was Lydia’s relationship with her parents?

How would you describe the relationship between Lydia and Allan?

What do Paul and Lisette want from Nara?

How did Lisette react to Paul’s arrest?

What happens to the Cezanne at the end of the book? Did the Blake family make the right decision?