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Life Is in the Details

20 Feb

Life Is in the Details

We tend to look at trees from a distance, admiring the beauty of the whole tree, with branches reaching to the sky. But take a closer look at the artistry in the bark. Look closely at life and see what you’ve missed.

Fiction Meets Real Life

8 Feb


In my latest novel “Lydia’s Story,” the main character helps a group of Jewish children escape France during World War II. I just came across this website, “Ariege Pyrenees,” that shows the real life route across the Pyrenees that many people — Jews, downed RAF and American airmen, and others in danger from the Nazis — followed to reach the safety of Spain.
I found it humbling to read about the dangers faced along the way. The Pyrenees are no easy mountains to cross even today.
My fictional characters exist to honor those people who risked their lives to escape, and especially those who helped others escape.